The Writing Tutor

Welcome to my website; thank you for the visit. I am a pathfinder,

a learning coach who amplifies your confidence. While my specific

skills enhance written English, it is the trusting relationship we develop

that improves performance.

Let us begin!

I assist you to learn creative and academic writing skills.

I show you ways to enhance your writing to raise it to a higher level.

I guide you to increase the confidence you have in your writing and

also in yourself. Let us find your voice!

Other aspects of my service.

I will copy edit written material you want to submit. This usually

involves the possible altering of sentence or paragraph structure.

I will proofread your material prior to submission. This involves a

final check to ensure your document is error free.

Coverage and rates (Canadian funds)

The teaching/coaching/counselling is on an hourly basis.

Copy editing and proofreading are on a per word basis.

All fees are negotiable.

Payment preferred through e-transfer.

I am an educator who has taught English, history, geography,
and creative and academic writing. In addition, I have counselled
people to perceive and utilize their unique strengths.

I hope to talk to you soon.